March 23, 2003

General Tommy Franks (in charge of the US forces in Iraq) has said that this campaign will be "unlike any other in history." Well, I guess he's right. So far I think the evidence shows that we're the most bungling "coalition of the willing" to have ever fucking existed.

  • On Saturday we accidentally bombed a government building in IRAN. More than 30 miles off-target, but don't worry, our bombs are definitely missing all the civilians in the middle of downtown Baghdad.
  • The current coalition death toll is at 21. Only two of these people died during combat. The other 19 have died in three separate helicopter crashes. Hint: STOP TRYING TO FLY HELICOPTERS IN THE MIDDLE OF DUST STORMS.
  • A Royal Airforce plane is missing. Gone. Disappeared. Oops.

    Posted on March 23, 2003 12:14 AM