October 21, 2002
God Bows To Math

Last night (technically morning, since it was around 4am) I was awoken by the cops again. This time, though they didn't come to the door and tell me that half of the windows in Brian's car had been destroyed (for the second time). Instead, they were talking with some guys directly underneath my window. I didn't catch the beginning of the discussion, but from what I pieced together the people having the discussion had called the police because a few people were hanging around the apartment looking awfully suspicious. When the cops showed up, the skulkers in question booked it, and a merry search ensued. When I fell asleep, they were still looking.

And through all this, Brian still hasn't moved his car from the dark and open garage.

Posted on October 21, 2002 09:35 PM

Silly Carlson. Is there a better place for him to park his car? Eugene/Springfield has its faults (damn dirty hippies) but at least there doesn't seem to be too much crime. Except for a riot a couple of weeks ago when some people started a bunch of fires and drove a campus golf-cart into one of them... That kind of crime makes me laugh rather than be afraid though, so I don't mind it I guess. I dig the Minutemen/Ray Pettibon content of this post by the way.

Posted by: Doug on October 22, 2002 08:07 AM

i dig gumbi.

Posted by: michele on October 22, 2002 08:48 AM

I'm not sure if he's registered his car under our Channing Way address yet. All you need to get a $21/year residental parking permit (to park on the relatively brightly lit street) is that registration form....

And speaking of the minutemen, it looks like someone decided to rip off that particular title.
God Bows to Math is now a "contemporary chamber ensemble" piece. Listening to this guy's work is described as, "being placed inside a kaleidoscope, rather than simply viewing the changes through the lens." In other words, pretentious.

Although one of his pieces might be kind of neat.
"Called Diamorphoses, it is a minimal piece that only uses amplified burning charcoal as a sound source."

Posted by: Jacob on October 22, 2002 09:10 AM

ooooo charcoal is my FAVORITE kind of music.

Posted by: michele on October 22, 2002 09:19 AM

For some reason, I didn't think of this before. That composer is 70+ years old. Maybe the Minutemen stole/borrowed the name from him.

Posted by: Jacob on October 22, 2002 10:54 AM

Perhaps "God Bows to Math" is just the title of the article, or the title of the concert. If that is the case, I say the Minutemen coined the phrase first.

Posted by: Doug on October 22, 2002 02:31 PM

doug - i think eugene would be far to go just to find a safe parking space.

didofoot - the only time it's okay to make a stupid joke comment is when it's immediate, not a full day later. and stop talking to yourself.

Posted by: didofoot on October 23, 2002 11:13 AM