July 14, 2002

Seven days since my last post, and all I have to show for it is another cheatin' entry. But what do you expect from a boy that's too busy being happy to post in a blog?

As part of a farewell gift (the other half was 2-3 pounds of various mints) my coworkers got me a gift card for Barnes & Noble. Items purchased so far are:

  • Tesla: Man Out of Time, by Margaret Cheney - one of the strangest geniuses of our time....and now I've got a biography!
  • The Cook's Encyclopedia of Vegetarian Cooking, by Linda Fraser - I think the reason I couldn't maintain full-vegetarianism was my lack of knowledge about vegetarian cooking. Frankly, I know almost 3X as many ways to cook dishes containing chicken as I do ways to cook vegetables alone. Hopefully this book will help me get cookin' *rimshot* on vegetarianism. All the recipes make me salivate....
  • Quartet, Paul Desmond and Gerry Mulligan - OK, this isn't really a book, it's a CD. But one of the reasons I love Barnes & Noble so much is that it's a bookstore AND a music store! Who could ask for more!? Actually, it would be nice if B&N had some of the more obscure books, but I digress. This album was recorded in 1957, several years after Mulligan played with Brubeck's quartet and met Desmond. These two sax greats have amazing chemistry together and so far I *heart* this recording. It's even better than Two of a Mind!

And I've still got $15 left on the gift card! Three cheers for finding good books in the "bargain" section.

After the bookstore I walked the mile home through burning hell. It wasn't so bad on the way to the store, since I was tearing right along in my anticipation of wandering through an entire building of books for a few hours. But on the way back I was just anxious to start reading and listening, so the trip through the 90 degree heat seemed to take forever. Stupid East Bay. Why can't you be more cloudy and rainy?


Posted on July 14, 2002 10:50 PM

Yay for cookbooks! (and other books too, I suppose). You know, if you really want to get into this whole veg-cooking thing (which I whole-heartedly support), a great place to find recipes is on the IVU (International Vegetarian Union) website. They've got a TON of vegetarian (mostly vegan!) recipes from "all over the world." Alright, that's the end of my pro-vegan comment. Thanks for indulging.

Posted by: emily on July 14, 2002 11:29 PM

why don't you tell everybody why you are so HAPPY? Jacob?

hwee hwee hwee....

Posted by: michele on July 15, 2002 04:07 PM

ps. dammit i want a gc to a bookstore.

Posted by: michele on July 15, 2002 04:08 PM

hwee hwee hwee?

i have NEVER seen anyone use the word hwee. i'm not sure whether to be appalled, or shake your hand.

Posted by: dianna on July 19, 2002 02:43 AM

I will tackle that, if I may. hwee is from when michele and nuala and I used to do a weekly chat session when we all lived in different cities. Like all good slang words (okay, no other slang words actually) it began as a typo and turned into a fad that swept the nation.

sweep sweep sweep.

Posted by: didofoot on July 19, 2002 09:01 AM

i don't actually feel "sweep" sweeping me anywhere, kris. meem sworry.

shake my hand! shake it!

"meem sworry." comes from the time farasati kicked the chained up tard and the tard apologized for peeing on my cats. or something.

Posted by: michele on July 19, 2002 09:24 AM