January 19, 2005

The Most Terrible Time in My Life is the most wonderful movie in my life. You'll laugh. You'll cry. No, wait. Mostly laugh. If I were a highly paid movie reviewer, I might call it a "sly send-up of film noir and French New Wave." But instead I'll call it "an incredible amount of fun, with great directing and cinematography." Available now through GreenCine.


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January 11, 2005

I just returned from a conference in Keystone, CO. I gave a short talk and was the most nervous I've ever been while speaking in public. It's one thing to get up in front of 50 people you see around campus and chat about the work you've been doing. It's another thing to get up in front of people people who you've never met, but who have been working in your field for 30+ years and helped discover the protein you're working on.

Anyway, what you're probably more interested in are pictures from the trip. Keystone is very, very cold. And also very gloomy. And also very bright. The pictures will make it all clear.

Posted on 08:32 PM