December 29, 2002
Informational Menace

This New Year's, I resolve to be more responsible with my money. I will start investing in long-term stocks and prepare for the future. Oh yeah, and I'll buy new stereo equipment and a digital camera while I'm at it. I'm just trying to live by the immortal words of Agent Cooper: "Every day, give yourself a present."

Aside to Michele, Erica, Jason, and Jolie: It's been independently confirmed. Three people have that IP address. Like I suspected, two of them belong, but one does not. Interesting, isn't it?

Posted on 02:45 PM
December 27, 2002
I hurt my thumb.

Long time no update. Again. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Please feel free to beat me about the face and neck when/if you see me at The Millers' party tonight.

James Bond Villain: Blackthumb

Posted on 06:36 PM
December 10, 2002
Get outta town

Well, not really out of town. More like (relatively) far to the north. Dianna and I have plans....We have plans to live together. And this is where we want to go. Here is another post they made. It sounds heavenly. And $550 split two ways....Well, I don't think I need to tell you how that sounds.

Now if only they'd email me back. It hasn't been long since I contacted them, but if I'm afraid that I'm going to break the "Send/Receive" button by pressing it too much.

big brown eyes

Posted on 06:11 PM