September 23, 2006

Time for a new regular feature: two-sentence reviews of things I've Netflixed. Boy, that's original, eh? I'll do a few right off the bat to get things started:

Two Sentence Review: Stray Dog
One of Akira Kurosawa's early movies, Stray Dog is just as visually evocative as his later films, but with a unique noirish flavor. Though I found it hard to relate to some of the anxieties of Toshiro Mifune's character, I can't recommend this movie enough.

Two Sentence Review: Hellsing Volume 1
I rented this occult-themed anime series along with Vampire Hunter D, which was more of a guilty-nostalgia whim. Hellsing was so bad that I returned Vampire Hunter D unwatched.

Two Sentence Review: The Kingdom
I've only finished the first episode of Lars von Trier's miniseries, but the quietly spooky goings-on already have me hooked. On an unrelated note, is the the Denmark vs Sweden beef an extremely white East Coast vs West Coast, or is there more going on?


Update: Holy shit. The ending for Episode 2 of The Kingdom is as serious as a heart attack.

Posted on September 23, 2006 10:42 AM

You son of a bitch, how far have you gotten in the kingdom? I wanna watch but not alone. I'm frightened.

Posted by: jason on September 24, 2006 07:46 PM

I'm only two episodes in. I haven't sent it back yet, and the next two episodes are set to come later this week. Want to borrow the first disc when you get back to the states?

Posted by: Jacob on September 24, 2006 08:45 PM

i would watch the first two episodes with you jason, and then the rest with both of you. i'm a little frightened too. because i'm a wussy.

Posted by: michele on September 25, 2006 10:59 AM

That works for me. You up for watching the rest of it with us, jacob? Unless you're too much of a wuss.

Posted by: jason on September 26, 2006 11:44 AM

Count me in. I'll be getting the 2nd disc later this week. Shall we make it a weekend event?

Posted by: Jacob on September 26, 2006 09:45 PM

i'm free saturday or sunday.

Posted by: michele on September 26, 2006 10:29 PM

Crap, crap, crap. I just found out that I sent the wrong movie back, so I no longer have Kingdom vol 1. Since I'd need to send back my current movie and then get back the replacement, I don't think there's enough time for me to Netflix it again by Wednesday. But we could look for it at video stores, such as Reel in Berkeley...

Posted by: Jacob on September 27, 2006 09:31 AM

maybe it's fate.

Posted by: michele on September 27, 2006 12:14 PM