December 12, 2003

Steal It Back is simultaneously the coolest and most fucked-up online auction site I've ever been to. Police auctions from around the country, right at your fingertips. Where else are can you buy a pallet of computer monitors for $14? A night vision scope ("It puts the lotion in the bucket!") for $90?
Or a crossbow for $40?
That's right...a crossbow. It's a little frightening looking at the various swords and handgun clip "grab bags" for sale, and realizing that these items were taken away from someone. A someone who probably didn't want to part with them. And who might have used the item on sale to fight to keep the item.

Other items are much more amusing, such as the dozens of pocket digital scales. Gee, I wonder how a police auction site ended up with those?

A few of the auctions are a little sad. I don't know if I'd be comfortable buying a CD-binder full of CDs, when I know there's someone out there pining for their lost music.

My favorite auction item is "Uncle Mike's Belt". The description reads, "Do you remember the way your uncle used to threaten you kids with his belt? Funny how things change. Now you look forward to belts!"

Posted on December 12, 2003 12:54 AM