October 02, 2003

How cool is Andrew, my newest roommate? So cool that he went out and downloaded Mr T's Be Some Body or Be Somebody's Fool, without me ever mentioning it. Doug was the first to introduce me to the wonders of Be Somebody's Fool (with lyrics for Mr. T written by Ice T), but when we left UPS the tape followed him to Oregon. But now that there's a copy on our home network, I can learn the value of Recouping every day.

PS - Doug, I highly recommend that you download both this and this.

Posted on October 02, 2003 09:58 PM

Damn, I had no idea that others in the world appreciated the beauty of that movie so much. I applaud whoever made that website. The world needs to be better informed about the importance of recouping, poppin' and so on.

I approve of the Ratatat mp3s. They do indeed do a good job of combining guitar driven music with atmospheric BoC type sounds. I have been listening to Twoism quite a bit lately. I really like the re-mastered versions of the songs. You can hear all kinds of neat little noises that weren't evident in the low-quality mp3s that were circulating prior to the re-release of the album. I wish BoC would re-release some more of their old stuff. I really want to hear some of those super-rare albums. Perhaps the only way I will ever hear them will be by running away and joining the Hexagon Sun commune. Sounds like a good back up plan if I fail my comps...

Posted by: Doug on October 3, 2003 04:03 PM

Yeah, I'm definitely gonna check out Ratatat some more. Finally a band that gives you the power guitar solo without all that unnecessary rest of the song.

Posted by: jason on October 3, 2003 04:28 PM