August 19, 2003

Take that, avatars of untastiness!


Posted on August 19, 2003 10:00 PM

Vegan broth stock, tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, onion, zucchini, garlic, carrots, red bell pepper, and three kinds of pasta. Finger lickin' good.

Posted by: Jacob on August 19, 2003 10:05 PM

this from the man who used to happily devour a manly pile of meat bowl at that super spicy place in tacoma.

Posted by: didofoot on August 20, 2003 07:55 AM

ah, yes. but i've been whispering vegan propaganda into his ear every night as he sleeps. the giant barbells placed therein were his attempt to block out the whispers, but they've failed miserably. hence, delicious vegan soup.

Posted by: dianna on August 20, 2003 12:33 PM

where's the picture of your nipples though jacob, huh? where's the titties?

Posted by: michele on August 20, 2003 01:50 PM

Nipples? There were never any nipples. My luscious torso is for private viewing only, though...

Posted by: Jacob on August 20, 2003 04:29 PM

hubba hubba whoo-weee, and so on. what nipples are you talking about? jacob has no nipples. it's a rare medical condition and he's very sensitive about it, so i'd appreciate it if you wouldn't call attention to it JACOB HAS NO NIPPLES all right, michele?

i was never here. i never spoke. much like the nipples.

i need to sleep.

Posted by: dianna on August 20, 2003 11:54 PM

doods. the picture from baseball last week. come on. work with me here.

Posted by: michele on August 21, 2003 06:16 PM