November 08, 2002
Trying to remind her

I've recently become hooked on The Strokes (and yes, I'm a little behind the times on this one). Several of their songs remind me of The Velvet Underground (especially "New York City Cops" and "Bareley Legal"), sans Nico thankfully. I've read several reviews criticizing them for just this reason, calling them unoriginal and generally adopting an attitude of "The Stooges did it first, so you can't do it anymore." Personally, I don't give a shit. I really like that style, and they do it incredibly well. I'd rather hear a fantastic, but derivative song (like "Someday") than a shitty but original song. Mr. Shamai, I recommend you give The Strokes a listen.

Posted on November 08, 2002 12:49 PM

Fascinating. I have to go to the music record shop today to get my cousin a gift certificate, so I will buy, no, not the Strokes, but blank CDs so that their honey-dipped stylings might be transferred from your disk to mine.

Posted by: jason on November 8, 2002 12:54 PM

we saw them at coachella.

damn i love coachella.

Posted by: michele on November 8, 2002 12:55 PM

Have you heard of interpol, jacob? I listened to one of their songs on Sputnik7 and enjoyed it very much. i just mentioned them because they were mentioned in the same breath with the strokes on something i read.

Posted by: jason on November 8, 2002 12:59 PM

Holy cock! Three comments within the first 10 minutes!
I remember they were at Coachella, but I missed them for some really bad reason. Damn my eyes! Sadly, I've never heard Interpol. I'll have to go to Sputnik right now to check them out.

Posted by: Jacob on November 8, 2002 01:00 PM

i um...thought they sounded shitty at coachella, while i lay on the grass in the sun with nuala and kristen. oh man. it was so sunny....

but i love the rain too! i love it!

Posted by: michele on November 8, 2002 01:07 PM

they were shitty at coachella. you guys were seeing ozomatli or however you spell that, who were much better but i slept through the end of their set as well.

gems from the strokes include our shouts of:
"the strokes? more like the SUCKS!"

and "stroke THIS!"

they were here on halloween, did you know?

Posted by: didofoot on November 8, 2002 01:21 PM

pssst kristen! i was trying to be subtle and polite about his new music interests! i slept thru the end of ozomotli sunnnnyyy.......mmmmmm.....

Posted by: michele on November 8, 2002 01:23 PM

well their cd might be ok. they just sucked live, i thought.

Posted by: didofoot on November 8, 2002 01:25 PM

hee hee. you know i just realized i called them "shitty" and then called you to task for saying they sucked. how contradictory of me.

Posted by: michele on November 8, 2002 01:28 PM