November 04, 2002

"Martial arts star Takeshi Kitano drop-kicks his way through this violent tale about the Japanese Yakuza doing business (and doing eachother in!) on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Kitano also wrote and dreiceted this cautionary tale -- his first movie outside Japan -- warning viewers that violence begets more violence. Oh brother ... indeed!"

I'm going to kill whoever writes the sleeve descriptions for NetFlix. I've never read such an inaccurate description in my life. And I'm damn glad that it was inaccurate. I love Kitano movies, and if he had actually made the film described above I think my heart would have broken.

As a side note, Brother also stars Susumu Terajima, who was in Hana-bi ("Fireworks") and Afterlife, both fantastic movies.

Posted on November 04, 2002 10:36 PM

I loved Brother but Fireworks seriously sucked. It was insanely boring. I really wanted to stop watching it for a while but didn't because I liked Brother so much. Then, at one point there is this 5 min+ slow motion sequence of different flowers blooming. I turned the movie off at this point. Rented another one of his supposedly excellent Japanese movies with similar results. My recommendation is to stick with Brother and avoid his other work.

Posted by: pzombie on November 5, 2002 03:32 AM

I'd have to seriously disagree. I found Brother to be quite good, but not as good as Violent Cop or Fireworks. Personally, in Brother it felt to me as if he he upped the action a little bit at the expense of his normal slow unblinking style. And I *really* love that style...

Posted by: Jacob on November 5, 2002 09:02 AM

is it the hella cute boy from afterlife?! shit i love that movie.

ps....i forgot to go check at blockbuster for this for you....but you know is coming up....

Posted by: michele on November 5, 2002 09:05 AM

He's the guy in the picture at the bottom of the post. Check at blockbuster? For Brother? What for? Are you insinuating something about a present purchase?

If so, I'll thank you to keep your gifts suitably Jewishy and Hannukah-licious, please! I want only dreidels and latkes. But I want many many days of dreidels and latkes. Bring me my sevivon! *grin*

Posted by: Jacob on November 5, 2002 12:06 PM

hee hee. no no remember, at your birthday i was like, "oh and jacob i think i saw the brother dvd at blockbuster for like $6 or something, i'll go check cause return of the living dead was hella cheap." but then...i never went to check. and thus i am hella cheap.

Posted by: michele on November 5, 2002 12:17 PM

*snaps fingers* Oh yeah!
(I can't resist)
*The Kool-Aid Man jumps through the wall*
OH YEAH!!!!!!!

Posted by: Jacob on November 5, 2002 02:49 PM



shit dood i'm glad your resistance levels were low.

Posted by: michele on November 5, 2002 02:54 PM

mmmm, latkes. i want latkes. let's make latkes again!! latkes + twin peaks = deliciously creepy!

Posted by: erica on November 5, 2002 04:24 PM

We'll have to wait a few weeks for latkes. Jolie seemed awfully set on her fajitas (or whatever kind of mexi-food she wanted to make). I admit, it did sound delicious....BUT IT WAS NO LATKES!!!

I think I just killed grammar.

Posted by: Jacob on November 5, 2002 05:23 PM

Let me know if you guys ever see Afterlife again. That movie kicks cock.

Posted by: jason on November 5, 2002 05:35 PM

I saw Brother on TV in Japan. Unfortunately, the Japanese language parts of it were not subtitled, so I only really understood about half of the dialogue. Therefore, I must see it again since it sounds like it is available at Cockbuster and Hollywood.

Posted by: Doug on November 6, 2002 01:06 PM