October 20, 2002
Give yourself a present

I was trying to catch Dianna up on the few episodes of Twin Peaks that she missed....and before I knew it half an hour had passed. It's amazing how much a good director can get done in the course of single season, provided they demand viewer continuity (e.g. - don't make every episode a stand-alone experience).

So which is better: feature films, or TV series? The former usually has a larger budget to work with and (sometimes) a higher-quality pool of acting talent to draw on. The latter can weave a very complex story that no one in their right mind would dare attempt to put into a 2-hour long movie. Does it really matter which is better, or am I just rambling?

Posted on October 20, 2002 05:36 PM

donuts! cutie! eeeeee!

oh man i am so in love with kyle mclaughlin. even if i'm not sure how to spell his last name. makes me want to go fast forward thru showgirls just to see the butt shots. hwee hwee hwee.

Posted by: michele on October 21, 2002 08:36 AM