August 30, 2002
Leash laws

Yesterday ended up being a rather exciting day, music-wise. I stepped into Rasputin Records to buy the new DJ Shadow album. On my way to the racks I remembered that Dianna's roommate had already bought it, and I could probably just copy it from her. To make a long story short, I ended up leaving the store without DJ Shadow, but with five other unintended purchases.

  • Billy Martin - Black Elk Speaks: A bunch of "percussion compositions" by the drummer from Medeski, Martin, and Wood.
  • DJ Spooky - Optometry: This is part of the Blue Series Continuum, where a bunch of artists have decided to independently make a lot of really good modern jazz.
  • XEN Cuts: A 3-disc Ninja Tune compilation album for $15!?! *grabs head and spins in circles*
  • DJ Logic - Project Logic: Ever since DJ Logic teamed up with MMW for Combustication waaaaay back in the late 90s, I've been meaning to check out some Logic albums.
  • The Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day: I heart The Cinematic Orchestra. *swoon*

The moral of this story is: "Jacob needs to be supervised when visiting a music store."

Posted on August 30, 2002 02:22 PM

ninjas! yay!

but...modern jazz? that sounds heretical.

Posted by: didofunk on August 30, 2002 02:25 PM

You really should listen to it. I'm not quite sure *what* to call it, really. It's almost like acid jazz, but with a lot less obvious sampling and turntablism. Sure, DJ Spooky is listed as playing the laptop and turntables in the liner notes, but he also plays upright bass on many of the tracks. I find it delightful.

Posted by: Jacob on August 30, 2002 02:36 PM

i wonder what craziness you could see if that picture were of their whole bodies.

Posted by: erica on August 30, 2002 05:14 PM

Balls and ovaries. FROM THE INSIDE! *dun-dun-duuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!*

That was supposed to be dramatic music.

My favorite part of this picture is that, since you can see through their skin, it's exceedingly obvious that he's slipping her the tongue.

If only little thought bubbles were superimposed on their exposed brains, showing us what they were thinking while engaged in this romantic (if gutsy) embrace. And if only one of their thought bubbles showed a see-through person kissing an obese version of Kenny G....

Posted by: Jacob on August 30, 2002 07:14 PM

she's thinking: wish I had skin.

and he's thinking: wish she had skin.

Posted by: didofoot on August 30, 2002 08:31 PM